Open Source Communications Market

Are you currently fed up with having to pay 100s of dollars for writing and style software that doesn't work?

You might want to give the following business voip systems a go.

1) Open Office, the king and full of office suits. Readily available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Free of charge and has a spreadsheet and slide presentation programs well. Has a built-in PDF creator! You may be surprised with the treats that you could download free on the Open Office site. I have used Open Office for more than a year now. I could not recommend it any greater.

2) AbiWord. A lightweight word processor for individuals who don't need MS Word's complexity to create simple memos and letters. It runs even on archaic hardware that doesn't support Open Office or Microsoft Office. Has numerous features that you'd not expect inside a free word program.

3) Scribus is definitely an open-source program which brings award-winning professional page layout to Linux/Unix, MacOS X, OS/2 and Home windows desktop computers with a mix of "press-ready" output and new approaches to page layout. If you fail to afford Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress, give Scribus a go.

4) Opera within my judgment is the greatest web browser available. I apply it to my machines. I really like its tabbed browsing pages also it never crashes lower. Experts agree that it's more secure than MS Ie. Which is free too.

5) Nvu is really a complete web authoring and HTML editor for Linux desktop customers in addition to Microsoft Home windows and Macs customers, much like rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Personally, i don't use Nvu much since i love Adobe GoLive's drag-and-drop CCS "floating boxes" that maxes website development very simple. But, should you don't want to pay anything at all for the HTML editor, then I'd heartily recommend Nvu. It works fairly well when you are past its interface. It even includes a great built-in FTP engine.

6) GIMP is why Illustrator ought to be afraid, very afraid really. After they obtain the layers functionality as polished and convenient as those of Illustrator, I believe it might be difficult to stop GIMP. This free and complicated raster image editing program is bound to surprise you using its many PS-like features. I utilize it regularly.

7) Inkspace may become a significant competitor for Adobe Illustrator once (again) they enhance the layers functionality towards the Adobe level. It's a great vector drawing and editing program which use fairly regularly although I've found Illustrator simpler to make use of just from sheer habit. But Inkspace is free of charge too and its Bezier curves is equally as good as those of the Illustrator.

8) Wink is really a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, mainly targeted at creating lessons regarding how to use software (just like a tutor for MS-Word/Stand out etc). Using Wink you are able to capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, game titles etc and generate a powerful tutorial for the customers.

9) PDF Creator easily produces Ebooks from the Home windows program. Utilize it just like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Home windows application.

10) Gaim is definitely an im application readily available for free installing. It creates Home windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It works with many IM systems including Goal, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, IRC, Napster, Gadu-Gadu, Zephyr, and SILC.