Hostgator Coupon Codes 2017

Hostgator is a popular web hosting company known for its high-quality web hosting services and the amazing deals it offers to its clients every once in a while. The company has a reputable history that dates all the way back to 2002 and has provided various web hosting services to people from all over the world establishing itself as one of the best known hosting companies available today. Hostgator clients have the option of choosing between shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Hostgator Coupon 2017

Plans, Features, and Pricing.

Shared Hosting.

Hostgator offers 3 types of shared hosting plans to its clients:

– Hatchling Plan – Starts at a monthly fee of $4.86 and goes up to $10.95 after the period of promotion is over. This plan includes a single domain, shared SSL certificate, and an unmetered bandwidth.
– Baby Plan – Starts at a monthly fee of $6.96 and renews at $11.95. This plan comes with unlimited domains, shared SSL certificate, and an unmetered bandwidth.
– Business Plan – Starts at a monthly fee of $10.46 and renews at $16.95. It comes with a private IP address and SSL certificate for free as well as a toll-free phone number.

VPS Hosting.

Hostgator has different types of Virtual Private Server hosting services available to its clients ranging from the Snappy 500, which is the lowest coming with 512MB of RAM memory, 500GB bandwidth, 2 IP addresses, 0.5 CPU cores, and 25GB of storage space, to the Snappy 8000, which is the highest coming with with 8GB of RAM memory, 3TB of bandwidth, 2 Ip addresses, 4 CPU cores, and 240GB of storage space. The Snappy 500 starts at a monthly cost of $11.97 and renews at $19.95 while the Snappy 8000.starts at a monthly cost of $99.97 and renews at $19.95.

WordPress Hosting.

There are 3 main levels of WordPress hosting Hostgator provides to its clients; Starter, which starts at a monthly fee of $5.97 during the period of promotion, Standard, which starts at a monthly fee of $9.57 during the period of promotion, and Business, which starts at a monthly fee of $16.77 during the period of promotion.
Just like all other hosting services Hostgator provides, the rates go up when a client is renewing a plan. All of the WordPress hosting plans come with unlimited storage and e-mail, and automatic daily backups. The free backup service is a very good feature as most web hosting services tend to charge extra for this. Clients who have subscribed to the upper tiers of WordPress plans will be allowed to migrate to more websites and also acquire enhanced performance for large amounts of traffic on each site.

Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting plans are the most expensive plans which are currently available on Hostgator that provides clients with an entire server. Clients who subscribe to this plan will have the option of choosing a Windows or Linux operating system both at the same rate of payment. There are various types of levels available from the basic tier which starts at a monthly fee of $105 to the pro which starts at a monthly fee of $225. Dedicated Hosting plans are normally suitable for people who run large commercial websites and need all the resources available at all times.

Blogging Features.

For people who prefer to host blogs on WordPress, Hostgator is really good at providing services to help you do so. The standard plan comes with basic features and the starter plan comes with tons of amazing features such as plug-ins and apps for WordPress, a very simple control panel, WordPress premium features, speed boosting, and enhanced security features made to simplify the entire process.

E-commerce Features.

The Business plan at Hostgator shared hosting services normally comes with a free IP address and dedicated SSL. It is very compatible with various types of shopping carts and also allows clients to accept payments using various online gateways.

Security Features.

Sites that are hosted by Hostgator are normally protected by a fully customized firewall which protects them against malicious activities such as DDoS attacks. Hostgator clients who choose WordPress hosting can make use of extra advanced security features that protect the installation of WordPress from malware.

Customer Support.

Hostgator has amazing support teams that are available to assist their clients whenever possible. For most good web hosting companies, it is vital to have 24-hour customer support and HostGator ensures that it provides the highest standards of support with all of their support and technical members available at any time to handle all types of situations at all times.

Refund Policy.

Hostgator features a money back guarantee of 45 days as opposed to the standard 30-day money back guarantee from most web hosting companies, giving its clients more time to decide on whether to commit to a web hosting plan or not.

Available Coupons.

Currently, the best coupon available for Hostgator web hosting comes from Let’s Share Coupon which provides access to 60% discounted coupons on all hosting plans. To get this coupon code, simply visit and click on the ‘Get Coupon’ button that is under the plan that you wish to subscribe to. After clicking, a small dialog box will appear and will provide you with the coupon code you will need to enter and another tab will open re-directing you to Hostgator’s main site where you will select the plan you wish to subscribe to, and enter the coupon code when prompted during registration.


Hostgator is really a web host that has much to offer to its clients. With a solid background on web hosting and various features that come at very affordable prices, it’s no wonder that Hostgator hosting earns a review rating of 5/5 stars. If Hostgator seems like a web hosting company that you would be interested in trying out, get in line and join the millions of people who use this reliable and well-performing web hosting company that features some really good services and benefits.



What to look for in Fast VPN Reviews

VPN services have gotten faster with time. The speed, however, is just one of the many tenets that a great VPN service should have. In the past ten years, the VPN industry has seen unprecedented growth. There are many reasons why the VPN services industry is booming. Companies and personal internet consumers, for instance, sign up for this service to boost their web security. In an age where financial information flows freely over the internet, a demand for top-notch online security is expected. Here are additional security features that you need to look out for when perusing fast VPN reviews.

Best Things to Look for in Fast VPN Reviews

Data Encryption

Most VPNs offer some sort of data encryption services to their client. The importance of data encryption is that information is passed over different mediums without being tapped. Encryption makes it possible to secure information in such a way that only the sender and receiver of the information can decode it. A good VPN should have updated and current methods of encryption to ensure maximum security. The service can sometimes cost you more than the average VPNs but it is worth the money. Data encryption also enables you to share files securely in instances where government surveillance may pose a hindrance.


Attackers on the web usually look for your location from where they can launch an attack. Having an anonymous identity makes it difficult for internet scammers with malicious intents to reach you. There are various ways good VPNs make your identity anonymous but one of the most common and secure ways is by constantly changing your IP address. VPN services normally give you a new identity once you sign up to their services. This means that your location is always set to the location of the VPN instead of your actual location. Changing IP’s constantly also makes it almost impossible for your online activity to be tracked.

Support services and features

Support services are essential for any kind of web service. Clients come with different levels of technical know-how. VPN providers particularly thus, need to have ample support services to address the issues and concerns of their clients any time help is needed. The marker of a good VPN service provider is usually the kind of support system they offer and their channels of communication. Reliability requires that the provider has at least a couple of the most common methods of communication including call, email and online support.

Web security will continue to be a key factor for many internet users as more people establish their presence online. Many fast VPN reviews undoubtedly address this issue sufficiently as well. With the above points, you get a clearer picture of what exactly you should expect and demand from such a VPN service. You might definitely get VPN providers who offer additional features like multi-platform support, multiple connections support and secured payment services among many other features. The key thing thus is knowing exactly what you need from the provider in order to make a good deal with them.